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April 29, 2009

The mobile phone marketing push on

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You always have your phone close to you, it is just like your ID, it works as your reference. What a windfall for companies!

Companies can focus on the fact that internet provides information, ideas, exchange via the internet mobile phone .This media allows enterprises to be connected, linked to the others and above them linked to their potentials customers. Even though, concerning business the web phone company is providing an accelerating process.

Why would you go to the net?

First, to collect information about the weather, to check your account or to get informed about what happens in the world. Then to buy products, this is a more rational reason, so people do not often do it and finally to share and chatter with the different community you are in. The last one is getting more and more used by consumers.

A GFK study reports that 3.5 millions persons who use the phone to go on the net are more than 15 years old. If you compare to the 36.9 millions phone users is laughable but the figure increase a lot over the last years.

Mobile marketing has 3 main strengths such has position determination technology (you always have your mobile), customization ( configure your mobile phone according your expectations) and the last not the least : secured payment (your data are not on-line).

” Smartphone booming and the implantation of websites where you can download applications such as Apple Store help the mobile market to increase” claim GFK.

Mobile phone marketing could be a new form in the marketing tool.

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