The new summer mobile phone designed by SHARP

The past few year, everything have moved on with the growth of the sustainable development and the protection of the planet, we could not disregard this new technology : the sun recharged battery.

This new mobile phone is both waterproof and outfitted by photovoltaic unit on the mobile equipment.

What does mean “photovoltaic”? The way the daylight is turned on energy.

This new mobile phone is both the art of Sharp and the operator AU, a company which is recognized as the European Sony, even if it has difficulties to overtake its competitor.

Sharp is the liquid crystal display technology world leader .

Only a 10 minutes stay on the sun and you will get a one minute call or 2 hours of sleep mode. Moreover, this new mobile is waterproof!

What a fabulous news for the summer coming soon!

Unfortunately, this brand new technology only launch on June and exclusively in Japan


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