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March 9, 2010

Android Market Pro Version coming soon!

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Indeed, the Google’s downloading platform should be developped in professional version. Thus, Blackberry’s environment is clearly mentioned.

According to several sites specialized in mobile telephony, Google is about to introduce a “Business” version of the Android Market which aim is to better target professionals and businesses. It seems that this innovation would be launched next week.

The significant role of developers

Andy Rubin, head of the division of Google Android explained last summer that “Android will target nomadix employees in addition to public functions as Social Networking”. Moreover, he added that “today Android offers very little business applications, but in the future, the company will be the focus of our developments”.

However, Google doesn’t give more details on this information but we can imagine a sophisticated mobile declinationof “Google Apps”, a set of business that Google could suggest against an anual subscription.

The objective is clear: the Blackberry supremacy is in the crosshairs. According to Gartner’s figures, in 2009, Blackberry OS had a global market share of 19.9% for 34.3 million equipped handsets.

However, the iPhone OS is very close, its market share rose 6.2 point to 14.4% with 24.9 million handsets.

Meanwhile, Android advance as quickly with its market share that progresses with 3.4 points, the second annual performance of 3.9% to 7 million units equipped. Thus, RIM, the Blackberry’s maker, has to worry about it despite its World App. However, it is necessary to remind that many of the pro Blackberry applications are created specifically for business.

We can conclude that by targeting companies, Android could therefore boost its market success with references that are constantly renewed.

But one question remains unanswered: how Android will succeed in convncing developers who currently focus on free and general public applications? Thus, developers are central concerns of Google, because without them the Android Market will have “business” just as name.



March 2, 2010

Android VS iPhone: at the same level in January for the downloading of applications!

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We can observe that iPhone users are the leaders in terms of downloading applications. However, according to a study realised by AdMob, the reality is different if one believes the statistics for the month of January.

Indeed, the AdMob’s record says that on average, iPhoners have download 8.8 applications last January on the App Store, which is much less than for owners of an iPod Touch that have downloaded at least 12.1 applications. According to Admob, this difference can be explained by the fact that the iPod Toouch has a younger target and therefore, they are more attracted by applications.

Paying applications are not so successfull

Regarding the different types of applications free/paying, AdMob said that only 1.8 applications out the 8.8 downloaded are paying on the iPhone. On the side of the iPod Touch, 1.6 downloaded applications are paying out of 12.1 total. Thus, they is very little money to pay the thousands of developers who create theses applications on the App Store and view it as a paradise.

AdMob has also compared these figures with Android. Despite a number of applications much lower (25 000 against 125 000 for Apple), the average number of downloads is almost the same as Apple. In addition, there were 8.7 downloaded applications in January.

However, the number of installed software pay is lower: 1.1 in average. It is necessary to recall that since last November, AdMob is subsidary of Google.



February 19, 2010

Mobile World Congress 2010: mixed results

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Indeed, we found this year at 3GSM that fewer exhibitors were present; there were fewer visitors, and few innovative product announcement from major manufacturers. This leads to a half-tones record that leave an impression rather disappointing.

Logical or not, this conference is inked in a period of crisis which is nevertheless marked by the advent of Android and the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series.


Two new browsers for iPhone and Blackberry

First of all, there is the “Opera Mini” for the iPhone with the publisher Opera Software that claims a speed improvement through better data compession. However multicast is absent. A question remains unanswered : is Apple going validate this alternative browser on its Apple Store? Because the firm has relaxed its policy and now it tolerates browsers, Opéra Minni is positioned as a big competitor for Safari.

On the other hand, for Blackberry, RIM has introduced a new browser that should simplify navigation. This browser is based on Webkit (like the iPhone) and it should have much more flexibility and ergonomics. It will be available in the coming months.

Sony: the Xperia X10 Mini, the ideal solution for professionals

The X10 Mini Pro Xperia Sony Ericsson seems to be a must. Its terminak with an organize size – smaller than a business card – and with a sliding keyboard makes this mobile so singular besause of its thinness and its power.

Unusual Innovations

The Japanese DoCoMo has invented a helmet that is controlled through eye movements. It plugs into an MP3 player and allows for example to increase the volume by looking down, but also move to another song looking up to heaven.

Texas Instrument

The U.S giant has introduced the new generation of “pico-projectors” that are able of producing higher resolution through the switch from VGA to WVGA. It’s a technology that connects directly to the smartphone.


In conclusion, it is on a rather disppointing that closes the 2010 edition of the Mobile World Congress, with a lack of truly innovative products from leading manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung or LG. However, HTC has managed to stay at the forefront of new models with Android and its interface Sense rather successful. The biggest news is for the mobile OS with Bada Samsung and the  promising Windows Phone 7 Series of Microsoft, the most significant product of the show.



February 18, 2010

Firefox Mobile will be available under Android end of 2010!

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In fact, Mozilla has confirmed yeasterday the future launch of its mobile browser “Firefox Mobile” in the version for Android late 2010. In addition, the future OS from the merger of Intel and Nokia, “Meego”, also awake the interest of the Foundation.

The vice-president of mobile business at Mozilla, Jay Sullivan told TechRadar web site that Firefox Mobile will be marketed under Android later this year. He justified the reasons for this expectation by the fact that the Google OS has been created from a Java platform. In contrast, Firefox Mobile is based on code C and C++. Moreover, it’s only last October that the native development kit (NDK) has been made available by the Open Handset Alliance.

An appeal for Windows Mobile

Jay Sullivan has admitted that the announcement of  Windows Mobile 7 Series would change the Mozilla’s strategy. He pointed out hesitations regarding the target that Mozilla aims for: Windows 6.5 or 7 without giving the answer.

Finally, he also insisted on the attraction he felt for Meego, the operating system joint Intel and Nokia not known yet. One thing is sure: it will be launched in the second quarter and promises to a best seller.




January 28, 2010

China doesn’t want to limit Android in its commercial success !

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Does the Chinese government try to minimize friction with Google?

According to the speech of the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Communication Technologies in China, Google’s Android will not be rejected, if it is “in compliance with Chinese laws and regulations and to cooperate with operators”, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is important to remember that the three main operators in China are owned by the state.

This is a way to appease the spirits with Google, noting that its choices will have no impact with respect to its presence in the Chinese market. Last week, Google had wanted to delay the launch of two Android smartphones Motorola and Samsung as it has considered not to be able to guarantee “the best user experience”.


Bill Gates’ speech, a reassuring solution:

Indeed, last Monday, Bill Gates said on ABC that “Chinese efforts to censor internet are limited. It is easy to circumvent”. He added that other states such as Germany practice censorship by filtering access to Nazi propaganda. He believes that people has to make a choice if they want to submit to the laws of the countries where they are or not. In case of negative answer, they have to “stop being present there”, he said.

This speech was approved by Chinese people who said that it will reduce friction with Google.



January 21, 2010

The first Android smartphone Garmin-Asus will be revealed at 3GSM in Barcelona!

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This is a subject of controversy in the world for 6 months. Nevertheless, Benson Lin, the president of Asustek’s mobile division has confirmed this news: an Android smartphone Garmin-Asus will be presented at the 3GSM World Mobile Congress in Barcelona next February.

Since the pooling of resources of the specialist of GPS equipment Garmin and the electronics group Asustek, many projects have been materialized.  First, in early 2009 they sold the Garmin-Asus G60 subsystem Lynux. Then, shortly after the Garmin-Asus M20 subsystem Windows Mobile.

Garmin-Asus has to make some announcements during the Congress in Barcelona, including the launch of 4 or 5 smartphones in the year 2010.

We have no details about the characteristics of this new Android smartphone, it’s a great moment of suspence and expectation for professional in mobile phone industry.

In addition, the 3GSM Congress will be a very god opportunity to introduce a new smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5.3: the Garmin-Asus M10.


Accessories for the Garmin-Asus M10 are convenient and very effective, this mobile phone is equipped with:

- display 3.5 WVGA (800 x 480 pixels)

- a 5 megapixels AFN

- a qualcomm 600 MHz processor

- a GPS module


It should be sold very soon for the equivalent of $430.



January 19, 2010

What are the new operators that will launch the Archos mobile?

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The launch of the first Archos mobile phone seems to be delayed. Indeed, last September, the Archos’ director, Henri Crohas, announced that its Android smartphone, the “Phone Tablet”, should be exposed during the high-tech congress CES in Las Vegas and marketed in early 2010. However, the smartphone hasn’t been introduced at the show.


This phone is equipped with different accessories that are already known:

- a touchscreen of 4.3 inches (854 x 480 pixels)

- a TI ARM Cortex processor clocked at 1 Ghz  and a compatible 3G+

- all for a thickness of  just 10mm


According to an interview with Henri Crohas, the director said in the Expansion that if Archos has recently raised nearly 17 million euros, it won’t be easier for the brand, best known for its Internet tablets that for its smartphones, to enter the mobile market.

A question still remains in abeyance: when do these parterships with mobile operators will be signed?

Because of the fact that competition in the matter of Android smartphones is becoming increasingly fierce, four of the five global manufacturers of mobile phones suggest terminals which are equipped with Google’s mobile system.


What would be the Archos choices, it is only with the time that it will be unveiled to the public?




January 14, 2010

Mobile Congress in Barcelona!

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From 15 to 18 February 2010 will be organized in Barcelona the 3GSM World Mobile Congress.

Barcelona is definitely a world reference il the field of mobile telephony. Each year, the economic capital hosts dozen of fairs and congresses that bring together thousands of professionals and visitors from around the world.

For the 5th year, Barcelona hosts the mobile industry at the 3GSM World Mobile Congress. Internet and Mobile Smartphone will be the focus of initiatives from Samsung, Nokia and HTC to counter the Apple iPhone. The rivalry will also in the field of mobile OS with Mac OS, RIM OS, Windows Mobile and Android.

For all professionals the 3GSM event is a must and not to be missed!


The Meaglin Software’s team will be present and will de delighted to welcome and inform you.

Meet us at our both: 2E59-Hall2

November 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson introduces its very last Smartphone under Android.

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Sony Ericsson is proud to introduce its new Smartphone under Android 1.6 (called Donut) the Xperia X3 (also nicknamed Rachael).  It will incorporate an 8.1 Megapixels numeric camera with a flash LED, smile detection and of course the Geotagging option.
It is compatible GSM / GPRS / EDGE and Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. It will be available in black or white.
Here are some of its main characteristics:
        - Dimensions : 1119 x 63 x 13 mm
        - RAM : 256 Mo
        - 4 inches LCD touchpad which is anti scratch
        - Resolution : 480 x 854 pixels
        - GPS Navigation
        - Internal memory : 1 Go
        - Slot for microSD / microSDHC memory card up to 16 Go

It will be available for the 1st quarter of 2010 but its price is not known yet.

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October 9, 2009

LG required all your attention!

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LG releases its new Android Smartphone with a customizable interface: the LG GW620. This new Smartphone has a S-Class tactile interface and the 1.5 Android version « Cupcake ».
Two essential functions have been added: the Push Mail system via Microsoft exchange servors. The « Linkbook » option which allows you to manage your contacts activities on the social networks.
Here are some of its main characteristics:

                  – Dimension : 109 x 54 x 15,9 mm
                  – A 5 megapixels numeric camera 
                  - The 1.5 Android version « Cupcake »
                  - Internal memory : 300 Mo which can be extended by a MicroSD card
                  - Connectivity : Bluetooth 2.0 et WiFi

This Smartphone will make a lot of people happy!
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