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Samsung and the organic tendency

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Samsung doesn’t lose its grip and takes part of the nowadays ecological passion to release its new ecological mobile phone. After the release of the « E200 Eco » Samsung which its body has been made on organic material like the maize and the « Blue Earth » Samsung, a mobile which recharged with the sun, the South Korean developer release its « Reclaim » Samsung.

This mobile phone is composed with 80% of recycle materials:  its body possesses 40% of corn and has been made with “bio-plastics”. The mobile box is made of 70% of recycle materials.   

Here are the main characteristics:

-      3G

-      A sliding QWERTY keyboard

-      a 2 megapixels camera

-      Bluetooth stereo

-      GPS card

-      Micro SD HC slot to use its multimedia functions

-      A battery which uses 12 times less energy than usual ones.


Moreover, for each mobile paid, Samsung paid back $2 to an association which protects the nature.


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When Sony Ericsson combines technology and ecology!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Sony Ericsson creates a green range: Ecological mobile phone.

Why are they ecological?

-      This mobile phone allows a 15% decrease of the carbon dioxide exhaust fumes

-      They are on recycled plastic

-      They have a energy economical  read out

-      The WalkMate software is delivered with the phone. It encourages the walk

-      A electronic manual is delivered with the phone too

The release of two mobile phones is planned for this year.

The first one is the GreenHeart C901 Sony Ericsson. It has:

-      A 5 Million pixels camera with the flash and a smile and face recognition

-      A 2.2 inch mineral glass screen which is anti scratch

-      A 3G compatibility

The second one is the Naite Sony Ericsson. It has:

-      A 2 million pixels camera

-      A 3G compatibility

Both have :

-      Usual Sony Ericsson applications

-      An internet browser

-      A YouTube access

-      A  slot for microSD


The first one will be available for this quarter and the Naite will only be available pour le fourth quarter 2009.


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